$5 to see my panties?

So if you don’t already know, Paul and I are in the process of trying to sell our house (aka. we’re moving.)  And in case you haven’t done it before,  MOVING SUCKS!!

So last night I decide to do some spring cleaning of sorts by going through my drawer of all drawers…MY PANTY DRAWER….It had gotten WAY out of control to where I couldn’t even close the damn thing any more….

So two hours later, I had chosen 37 pair of panties to throw away (don’t ask me why I even counted – still feeling delirious from the epoxy stuff I guess).  Panties that I had had since like the 7th grade and I couldn’t even figure out why I still had them.  My big fatt a** couldn’t squeeze into half of them but I guess since I had saved up my hard earned babysitting money to buy the prettiest pair back when I was like 12 years old (apparently my panty fetish dated back to then), I just couldn’t get rid of them because of sentimental value.  Sentimental Value???  Like what was I going to do, pass them down to my daughter one day…… “and these ones are the ones that mommy was wearing when she won medals in track….oh and these ones were the ones that mommy was wearing when she made out with daddy for the first time…oh and these were the ones mommy wore to see her first concert”….etc. etc. etc..

Anyway, you’d think most people would be out of panties had they thrown 37 pair away right?….well, guess how many I have left?…..30?..40?…50?…  Nope.  78 pair left!!!!  Can you believe it?  That means that before I threw away the 37, I had been 5 panties shy of having a 4 MONTH SUPPLY OF PANTIES in my drawer!!!  What the hell have I been stockpiling for?  the next World War?….  I wouldn’t have food or water but at least I’d have 115 pair of panties!!  WTF???   Have they been having panty sex and multiplying in my drawer overnight?  Time for some panty birth control…

And Paul was so funny this morning, he said..”When I saw them in the trash last night, I kinda felt sad…”   HAHAHA  ..so we’re mourning the loss..but they had done their job, held up through growth/loss, Mudd Volleyball, many soccer games, camping trips, and washing machine cycles…RIP lil panties.

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