Means to an end?

Christmas eve is tomorrow and my co-worker had his last day of work today before he retires.  I gave him a big hug at then end of the day and I left the office pondering things.  I can’t wait until I retire one day too, I thought to myself.  And then halfway down the highway, I reconsidered that thought…

Being 69 years old, not having to go to work sounds like a blessing but it also almost sounds like means to an end.  It means endless possibilities but it also means limited possibilities.  No more work routine, no more co-workers, no more taking days off for vacation because your life is now an endless vacation and what is the next milestone to look forward to?  a trip overseas? a retirement home in Florida?  Death?

So I CAN wait until I retire.  Life happens now.  The journey there is the prize.  Something is missed when the eye is only on the goal ahead and not in the present moment.  So I’m going to make the best of these next 35 years.  I’m going to savor every single minute of it because I don’t want it to end.

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