I hope God understands

This Easter Sunday was one to remember…. Or maybe better to forget.   It started out with Charlie & I getting to sleep in a little (and by “a little” I mean till 8:15am) due to the kids staying up later than usual the night before.  Charlie was feeling unusually tired due to getting a tetanus shot that Friday, so I happily took on breakfast duty and made a batch of chocolate chip pancakes with bananas & whipped cream on top. They were delicious if I do say so myself.

Shortly there after we all ventured outside to check on the mini goats.  We discovered they had gotten in the patio (AGAIN) and one of them still had “runny” poo instead of the usual pellets.  Frustrated, Charlie exclaimed that if he never had to clean up poo from the patio again it would be too soon.  So while Charlie cleaned up the poo, I watered the flower bed.  Then I sat on the couch swing with Gentry and relaxed.  In true Gentry fashion he couldn’t sit still for long and he started climbing up the swing and hanging from the built in shade awning above.  To keep him from falling on me, I told him to swing to the side of me instead of directly above me.  As I pushed his body to the left of mine & looked up, he let go and his head slammed directly into my face, specifically my nose.  We both immediately broke out into tears of pain.  Charlie & Haven ran over to comfort us but we both just held our faces & cried.

Things eventually calmed down and about 30 minutes later I had gone inside to google “cause of runny poop in dwarf goats”,  while holding an ice pack on my swollen red nose.  Just then I hear, Charlie talking to Gentry on the patio “You pooped in your pants? How did you poop in your pants?”… and as I hear Gentry start to describe why, I just burst out into uncrontrollable laughter and it hurt my face to laugh (which was in a full-on face headache by then but I just couldn’t stop laughing)…  Needless to say we never made it to church on Easter Sunday.  I hope God understands.


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