Aren’t you gonna Frisk me?

Friday started off better than any other Friday this year.  My Mom is home from Guam for a month and she spent the night at our house.  I awoke with childlike excitement, hearing my Mom’s muffled voice in the kitchen.  I hurried out of bed to sneak up on her from behind with a big hug.  We laughed, teased the kids all through breakfast, while Charlie hurried out the door for work on his bicycle (he tries to be “green” on Fridays).

My Mom & I got lost in conversation and no surprise, I was LATE FOR WORK.  We finally got serious, stopped chatting, dressed the babies and I headed out the door for work.  I was lending my Mom my car for the day so that she could go up to her house in Tijeras & run errands.  I was going to use Charlies SUV.

As I loaded him into his car seat in the SUV, Gentry asked cautiously “You don’t know how to drive Daddy’s car, do you?”.  I chuckled a little bit and said “Of course I do, I’m a grown up, I can drive Daddy’s car just fine.  Don’t worry”.   And we sped off down the street headed to drop Haven off at the daycare.

Nearly a mile away I realized I had forgotten to grab Gentry’s lunch, so I made a u-turn on Wyoming and rushed back home.  A few minutes later, as I pull up into my driveway, Gentry says “Momma, Police lights”… and I say “Whaaaa?” and I look in my rear-view and sure enough, a cop with flashing lights is pulled up right behind me.

Startled, I quickly realize that I must have been speeding, so I open the car door & look back.  The cop is halfway to my door by this point and he looks frightened and yells at me to “Stay in the vehicle”…. I slam my door quickly and I can see the neighbors peering out their window…

The police officer approaches the window cautiously and I give him a great big smile and I say “I’m so sorry officer”.  At this point he kinda smiles back and looks relieved that I’m not some hardened criminal.

He says “I followed you with my lights on all the way from where you made that illegal u-turn.  The way you were zipping through the neighborhood, I though you were tying to flee.”  At this point I actually laugh out loud at the thought of me being in some high speed chase scene with the APD.

I said “Oh my gosh, you’ve been following me since I made that u-turn???” and I covered my mouth in disbelief.

He said “Yes, Maam, You wouldn’t pull over.  Did you not see me?”

I said “No Mr. Officer, I didn’t”.  Then he said “Well, you need to look in your mirrors more often”….  I decided not to tell him that I hadn’t adjusted Charlies mirrors to my height yet, so even if I had been looking in them I wouldn’t have seen a thing.

So he says “License, Registration, & Insurance Please”…

Before I start looking through Charlies glove-box, I roll down the back window and I say “Look Gentry, It’s a real live police officer.  Remember, you’ve been wanting to meet one in person, and now we finally got pulled over so you can see one up close & personal”  And I look at the Police Officer and say “He just LOVES police officers”.  I glance over my shoulder and both Haven & Gentry are completely ENTHRALLED with him, giving him big smiles and waves.

I start digging & digging for the paper work and CLEARLY the police officer realizes I’m a complete mess so he says “Look, I’m going to go run your license.  When you find your Insurance & Registration just hold it out the window so I know you found it.

After 5 minutes , I end up having to call Charlie because I cannot find the paperwork.  It’s in the visor, he says.  So I find it, I hang it out the window.  The cop finally comes back and says, “I’m just going to give you a warning.  Just so that my boss knows that I’m doing my job.  But you have to never ever do that again.  No more illegal u-turns and no more speeding.  And check your mirrors more often.”….

I say “Oh yes, yes sir.  Thank you so much Mr. Officer (I think they like when you call them Mr. Officer).  I was just running late for work, I was in a hurry, I had forgotten his lunch at home, and my Mom was distracting me and I stayed up late and I usually don’t do that” … etc. etc.

Needless to say, Gentry INSISTED on calling Daddy to let him know I “got in trouble”…. And I figured, heck why not.  Charlie already knew I got pulled over because I had to call him to find the paperwork.  So I dial the phone and hand it to Gentry, just a little curious as to what he’d say….

“Mommy almost got arrested, she made an illegal u-turn Daddy.  The policeman almost took her to jail”, Gentry said with excited enthusiasm only a 3 year old could have about such a description…..  I had to laugh to myself.  It was so cute hearing Gentry “tattle” on me.  After he hung up the phone with Charlie, Gentry kept repeating “You must not ever do that again Mommy”… I can only imagine what he told the teachers at school about me later.

Yes, I’m shameless for using my cute kids to get out of a ticket.  But heck in all honesty, it WAS the truth, Gentry is completely obsessed with meeting police officers right now.  I’m also sure that he probably took one look at me: hair a frizzy unbrushed mess, eyes bloodshot (from the long late catch up session with Mom the night before), wild toddlers in the backseat, and the fact that I was stupid enough to drive all the way into my driveway before I even noticed him.  He probably thought, gosh this lady could be one step from the ledge if I give her a ticket.  LOL! TGIF!

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