Operation re-connect (2012 New Years Resolution)

We started 2012 with a very special New Years Resolution. We realized that this whole parenthood thing could very well consume us, become our everything, make us want to stay home 24/7 and spend every waking moment with these irresistible little people. We realized that the past 3.5 years had come and gone so swiftly that at times we wouldn’t even notice a new haircut on each other for weeks. Sometimes I’d catch Charlie in his snug boxer briefs (a la David Beckham) and I’d say to myself, ‘Who the heck is that hot guy, he’s been sleeping next to me every night?’. It was sad but true.

So for 2012 we made a resolution that we were going to force ourselves to reconnect, to make the two of us and our relationship a priority, not that being absorbed in our kids was a bad thing, but we just didn’t want to be one of those couples who looked at each other after 18 years and said, Who’s this stranger I’ve been married to for all these years and why don’t we have anything in common?

Our plan was simple. We would plan an outing for just the two of us, once a month. Not necessarily a traditional date night, but something that involved at least 4 hours of time with each other (without the kids).  We would alternate planning the dates each month (one month he would plan it, the next I would plan it, and so on). We couldn’t copy or repeat a previously planned date for the year. We assigned the alternating months at the beginning of the year so each person knew well in advance of their month and could plan accordingly without procrastination or pressure. This was only 12 dates, out of 365 days in a year, probably less than 48 hours of actual time. It allowed us to be creative, sort-of a competition almost, to top the last persons date in uniqueness.

The stage was set. We combed the Alibi, Local IQ, & Albuquerque The Magazine for ideas. Operation “re-connect” was in motion.  In addition to us reconnecting, we also decided to do the same for our kids, to plan one outing per month that was something unique for them to experience.

Many of the dates somewhat planned themselves based on charity events/organizations that we were a part of or friends party invitations.  All ended up being an amazing time:

JanuaryMoonlight Ski/Snowboard hike at Sandia Peak with the Adventure Racing Club
February – Salsa Dancing & drinks at Sandia Casino
MarchAnne of Greene Gables at the Albuquerque Little Theater
March #2 (Anniversary bonus date) –  Speak Easy Culinary Club dinner
April – Couples Massage
May – The Warrior Dash
June – Future Fund Mad Men Party
July – Future Fund Ferrari’s & Franks party
August – Future Fund pre-Concours du soleil party at Mercedes Benz
September – Albuquerque Wine Fest
October – 50 Shades of Ghattas Halloween Party
November – Future Fund Holiday Party at Albuquerque Community Foundation
December – Company Christmas Party at Slate Street, It’s a Wonderful Life at ABQ Little Theater

The kids events were just as much fun (probably more-so):

January – Albuquerque Comic Con at the Hard Rock Casino
February – Alpaca Farm with Auntie Yvonne, Mini-Taste of Albuquerque at Crown Plaza, Kids Fishing Fair at Tingley Beach
March – Camping at Villanueva campsite
April – Easter party at Doras house
May – Barnyard Animals 101 at Los Poblanos farms
June – Malachai’s pool party birthday party
July – Ojo Caliente Camping/swimming, Bowling Birthday party, 4th of July hotel getaway
August – Carnival at North Domingo Baca Community Center, Dinner at Stacy & Johns house
September – NM State Fair, Birthday parties at Peter Piper & ABQ Jump, Elephant Butte Camping
October – Greek Festival, Balloon Fiesta Campout, Lion King at Popejoy, Day of the Tread, Maize Maze, Sophia’s Birthday party
November – Lobo Football game tailgate
December – Christmas Tree cutting down in Jemez, Sandia Casino Staycation, Ruidoso for Christmas

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