2016 Recap: Happy New Year!


I’m proud of myself for actually completing this within the first month of the year, even though it’s the last day of the month. 2016 was relatively low-key for us and that’s just how we wanted it.

We started the year with a vow to continue to make sure we spent some alone time as a couple, without the children, at least once a month.  Its too easy to put our relationship on the back burner due to being busy with the rest of life’s demands so we committed to another year of “Operation Reconnect” to make sure we made time with each other a priority (for at least 12 days out of 365).

In January, we brought home a new member of the family (to replace our beloved Milo & to be Kisa’s daytime pal).  We adopted an 11 year old Norfolk Terrier mix from the Animal Humane and named him Budrow (pronounced Bood-row) which means “buddy” in Cajun?  He’s quite the cuddle-buddy and he makes lots of funny love cries, we love him so much!

In March, Gentry & Haven played soccer with i9Sports again.  They were put on the same team and they were both feirce.  They had a lot of fun playing together, and at times, against each other.  In April, Gentry started baseball with East Mountain Little League.  It was his first time playing on a “real” field and he had a blast playing  pitcher position (machine pitch) with the Tigers. His team was almost undefeated and came in 2nd place in the standings.  Haven joined girlscouts and Gentry joined boyscouts in the Spring.  They both had a great time earning badges, participating in many events, and outdoor activities.

My twin sister, Yvonne, came to visit us in May and we all had a great time!  The most memorable dinner of the year was at Vinaigrette catching up with her and dear friends.  My Mom came again in June to visit from Guam for a few months.  My little sister Lindsey, Gentry, Haven, and I drove to Phoenix to pick her up and bring her back to Albuquerque with us.  We had a great time visiting with my brother Aaron and his family in Phoenix, AZ  and the children enjoyed their visit with the cousins, especially the blacklight Scorpion hike night and cousin Kezra’s fancy dance recital.

In July, my Godmother, Christine, and her friend, Joe, came to visit for 5 days from Texas.  Even though I had to work the whole week, we had a fun time.  Luckily, my Mom was in town to entertain and play host for all the touristy outings. Thanks Mom!

In August, Charlies 21 year old son, Aaron, came to visit from Colorado.  Charlie and all 3 of his children took the Scamp camper to Santa Rosa Lake for 2 nights.  Though the nights were rainy, they had a blast at the obstacle water park.  Also in August, my twin sister Yvonne came to visit from Austin for 3 days.  We celebrated Gentry & Haven’s birthdays (6 & 8) with an Isotopes game and swimming at Sandia Resort (thanks Dad!).  We also celebrated my brother, Cody and his girlfriend, Dominique’s, new home purchase. Cody also turned 21 this year! My youngest brother is legal, lookout!

In September, Charlie went on a trip to Needville, TX to visit his Mom.   He enjoyed being ‘home’. Charlie also competed in the “12 hours of Albuquerque” mountain bike race with four of his friends from work. They all seemed to have a great time and the kids and I enjoyed hanging out at the event and indulging in S’mores. Also, in September, Gentry & Haven joined East Mountain AYSO Soccer.  We enjoyed the more structured league and I somehow got suckered into being a referee for the 8 year olds which was so far out of my comfort zone but I survived. Definitely karma payback for all the times Charlie got “nominated” to be coach.

In October, we spent an evening with my brother Aaron’s family for a night in Phoenix before we drove to Puerta Penasco, Mexico to stay & play at the Mayan Palace.  It was a relaxing trip with such nice weather and the kids had a great time collecting seashells, swimming, & tasting fresh oysters. Thanks Dad!

In November, Charlie spent several weeks in Texas visiting his Mom and helping her with her medical appointments.  The children and I flew out for a couple days and I was able to spend some much needed sister time with Yvonne in Austin.  We had a great time relaxing, running, & eating at all the fun Austin eateries.   The kids also had a great time visiting with their Uncle Matt, Misty and cousins. Wii dance party pros!

In December my brother Marcus & his 1 year old baby, Gavin, came from Beaver Creek, Colorado to stay with us for Christmas.  We missed Jessica but it was a treat getting to have a toddler in the house.  A fun crash course in relocating floor level plants and Christmas ornaments. The kiddos enjoyed playing with their youngest cousin.

As we begin 2017, I continue to work towards my Clinical Social Work License (1/2 way there) and work full-time at CYFD.  I’m still enjoying the Junior League of Albuquerque and now I’m serving on the Board of the Future Fund (an endowment/philanthropic group under the Albuquerque Community Foundation) both of which I’ve been a part of for the past 5 years.  Charlie continues to raise the bar and be fulfilled at his job.  In fact, he received an extra stellar performance review this year (I’m so proud of him)!  His latest home project is welding gates for our driveways.  Whew, his weekend energy level never ceases to amaze me.

We hope this letter finds you and your family happy and healthy going into 2017. Many blessings!


The Tomlins

2016 Operation Reconnect

img_0263As a New Years resolution in 2016, Charlie and I vowed to re-ignite the spark of one-on-one time at least once a month in the form of unique date nights.  Like in 2012, 2014, and 2015, the rules were to alternate months of who planned/executed each date night and to not repeat previous date nights within the 12 months.  Our hopes were high to be able to get more creative with each date but due to hectic schedules we quickly defaulted to the path of least effort.  Here is what we ended up with by the end of 2016:

January:  Couples Massage and dinner
February:  FAIL
March:  Night in Santa Fe for Anniversary, BANFF Film Fest at the Kimo
April:  Dinner with friends and Dirty Bourbon
May:  Yanni’s Lemony Lounge Suprise party
June:  Junior League Cooking night
July:  Salsa Under the Stars
August:  FAIL
September: Jazz & Wine Fest
October: Mexico Trip
November:  Toefel’s Bar in Needville, TX
December: FLIX dinner and movie

In addition to planning our unique couples time each month, we also wanted to make sure the children had unique and fun experiences each month too.  This is what we planned or rather, what fell into our lap:

January:  Skiing at Sandia, skating at Rollerking
February: Harlem Globetrotter; Skiing in Pagosa Springs
March: FAIL
April: Tee ball & Soccer
May: All Star Youth Hip Hop Dance Performance
June:  Visiting cousins in Phoenix, Blacklight scorpion night hike
July:: 4th of July in Ruidoso/Inn of the mountain Gods
August: Sandia Hotel & pool; Isotopes game
September: Pool party at Los Altos
October: Halloween Carnival; Mexico Trip
November: Main Event for Reeds Bday; Visiting with Cousins in TX
December:  A Christmas Story play at ABQ Little Theater

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