2018 Recap: Merry Christmas!

2018_05 Family at Airport

It is a World record, I’ve gotten this letter completed BEFORE Christmas!!  I have no idea what is happening. Who am I? Perhaps all of the changes in 2018 have left me in a good headspace (more on that later).  2018 had a milestone birthday & anniversary and a few highs/lows with a lot of traveling in-between…

We committed to another year of “Operation Reconnect” to make sure hubby and I planned adult dates with each other at least once a month.  We also continued the Family dates of doing something out of the normal routine for the children at least once a month.

Charlie continued to settle into his new job at Facebook this year and seems to be loving every challenging minute of it. He also continued to compete in mountain biking races with his friends in April, June, and September (in Angelfire, Ruidoso, & Tijeras, NM).  He also enjoyed taking Gentry Elk hunting again in September. As part of my milestone birthday year, we had planned a 2 week trip to Greece/Croatia with two of my girlfriends but Charlie had a sudden health issue that stranded us in Los Angeles after the first flight of the trip.  If you didn’t follow the saga on my Facebook, it ended up being 6 days in Cedars Sinai hospital. Luckily Charlie ended up being okay and there was plenty of silver lining after all was said and done. We ended up with a few days of R&R on the beach and some fun deep sea fishing.

The children finished their first year at their new school in May.  Gentry continued to enjoy baseball, soccer, and moved up to Webelos level in Boy Scouts.  Haven continued to enjoy Girl Scouts, soccer, and guitar. The children spent another summer at the Think Academy where Gentry really enjoyed Digital Arts, Creative Writing, Science, Tennis, & Karate.  Haven really enjoyed Tennis, Dance for Musical Theater, and Piano. The children flew to Texas by themselves (which was both exciting and scary) to spend a week with Charlies brother and his family and with my sister.  Speaking of Charlies brother, he married his longtime girlfriend, Misty, and we were able to spend Thanksgiving week with them (and with my twin sister in Austin) and attend their wedding reception celebration #ItsAboutTime!  Speaking of weddings, Charlie and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary this year. Time flies… when you’re busy raising children!

Speaking of busy, we were blessed to have quite a few little fun trips this year.  The first was my milestone birthday girls trip to Las Vegas in April with my twin and friends!! We all had such a blast pretending we were still young and hip in Sin city.  I also went to Memphis, TN with the Junior League ladies for a learning conference and I absolutely loved the MLK/Civil Rights museum there and the blues/BBQ joints. In July the children and I flew up to Portland, Oregon to celebrate my new chapter and to meet up with Charlie who was in Bend, OR on business.  We checked out the Haystack rock in Cannon Beach (from The Goonies movie), toured Tillamook cheese factory, got lost in Big Foot country, and hiked/played on the Deschutes River in Bend. At the end of August, we all flew to New York city because my Moms side was hosting a family reunion. We really had a great time meeting so many cousins/aunts/uncles that I’d never met and learning about them.  We spent 57 hours in NYC seeing everything from Times Square, USS Intrepid, Battery Park, Staten Island Ferry, Statue of Liberty, etc. The children loved riding the subway, the train, the ferry, and exploring Central Park/Grand Central Station.

Lastly, I made some changes this year.  After a little over 3 years (4 if you count my internship year) of working for Child Protective Services, I quit my job at CYFD in late July.  I just needed a break before my tank was completely empty. At the end of August, I started as a part-time school social worker with Albuquerque Public Schools.  I really like it so far. Perhaps the most exciting thing is my latest “side hustle”… my Private Practice. I rented office space in Edgewood, NM in August and started with my first client in September.  I also share an Albuquerque office location. It has literally been a dream come true to be able to do what I do best: listen & nurture insight in others. Appropriately so, the name of my psychotherapy practice is Nurturing Insight LLC (“like it” on Facebook, ha! or https://www.NurturingInsight.com ).  Despite MONTHS of tedious paperwork, I am almost credentialed with all the major health insurance companies (& Medicare/Medicaid), just waiting on BCBS. I still enjoy volunteering with the Junior League of Albuquerque and serving another year on the Board of the Future Fund (part of the Albuquerque Community Foundation).  

We hope this letter finds you and your family doing well. We wish you lots of love and joy in 2019.


The Tomlins
(Charlie, Kellie, Gentry, & Haven)


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