Anne of the Little Theatre

Growing up, my family never had cable. The closest thing to a BRAVO show was watching the Young & the Restless after school on CBS, or watching Beverly Hills 90210 (the original one) on Fox every Thursday night. One of my favorites though, was watching Anne of Green Gables on PBS. I was absolutely hooked on the little spunky redhead and all of her adventures. So when we got a reminder in the mail that the Albuquerque Little Theatre was having a 3 week showing of Anne of Green Gables, I was beyond excited.

My husband bought tickets through his office and we attended the evening show on Friday March 2. Though more verbose than I remember from childhood, the live play was everything that I had hoped for. The actress was just as spunky & sweet as I remember. All in all, It was a great show, giving me plenty of nostalgia. Previously we had attended one of my favorites from last December, “A Christmas Story”. From the on stage narrator to the cast, everything got the true essence of the movie, just like Anne of Green Gables had.

This year, the theater is putting on a production of “It’s a Wonderful Life” during December, which is probably my all time favorite Christmas movie. I have no idea how they could ever come close to James Stewart ’s performance but even If they can capture the spirit of it, I will be thrilled.

Bonus: I had no idea that The Albuquerque Little Theatre was a 501c non-profit. This makes me feel even better about attending shows there, knowing that they are helping to cultivate appreciation of the arts.


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