Sisters, Like kids in a candy store

Today was the final piece in me & my sister’s trip to New York City.  Our segment aired on the Dr. Oz Show this afternoon and I felt relieved.  It was the grand finale on our whirlwind sister experience in NYC.  Watch the clip here:

My sister & I have had our ups & downs over the years, as is probably normal with any sibling relationship.  Well, maybe it’s not normal but it has been the normal for us.  But we’ve drifted a little too far apart in recent years, in my opinion.  So when I got notified that I had been selected for audience tickets for Oprah’s Lifeclass in NYC, she is the last person I thought would agree to go with me.

After all, she had convinced me that somehow we had nothing in common anymore since I had had babies.  She had convinced me that I couldn’t comprehend or relate to what it was like to be single in Albuquerque, therefore I wasn’t worthy of hanging out with her.  She had me convinced that my new circumstances somehow made me less of a sister, less of a friend, less worthy of her love & her time.  This was something I was just going to have to accept, after all you can’t MAKE someone want you.  Believe me I’ve tried.

It was a long shot, and it surprisingly came with very little contemplation on my part.  I think my heart made the decision for me, it knew that we needed this, it hoped that she’d say yes.  And she did.

The trip was everything I could have ever wished for.  It was everything that I tried hard not to imagine beforehand, everything that I didn’t want to have any expectations about in advance just in case the usual happened. I was going in with a clear head, a quiet heart, ready to just see what would happen in the 3 days that I had my sister all to myself.

In a nutshell, it was magical.  We were transported back to when we first turned 21 and went to Vegas together.  Like 2 kids in a candy shop, just excited to be in NYC, with all it’s energy, and each other.  For the first time in a long time, we  were both just living in the present moment with each other, no where else to be, no skipping out early.

We were just being twins, being silly, being excited, making each other laugh until our bellies hurt.  I think I laughed more in those 3 days than I had in years.  We were in sync again.  We agreed on everything, it was almost unspoken twin intuition:  how long to stay out, where to shop, when to nap, when to eat, what to do & see.  It’s like we were the same person.

Tomorrow is uncertain, but I will carry those 3 days in my heart forever.  We were not only sisters again, we were friends.


10 random things discovered during our east coast vacation:

We skipped a bar in downtown Buffalo because the crowd entering looked like too many “young kids”. The next morning our GPS guided us to the nearest Starbucks, to our surprise it ended up being smack dab in the middle of the University of Buffalo campus. We still parked and went. Apparently having morning coffee with those “young kids” isn’t as bad as drinking booze with them LOL!!

Sore post-surgery knees, don’t do very well at Catholic weddings.

Gambling at a Casino after a wedding pays off. Roulette especially.

Eating some form of Lobster and/or seafood for breakfast, lunch, & dinner for two days in a row in Maine never got old, even though our credit cards got tired.

Trying to find affordable same day lodging in NY, MA, & ME can be a big challenge. Knights Inn hotels are like a Motel 6, only ten times worse! Think seedy hooker hotel down on Central with no regular housekeeping. Yuck!

The pro and con of being 5 minutes too late to catch the guided 2 mile walking tour of the Historic Freedom Trail in and around downtown Boston. Con: not so easy to read a brochure & walk at the same time, especially when your nose is running & hands are freezing. Pro: an hour in, decide to bail early and hit the Union Oyster House without feeling guilty or accountable to anyone.

Dragging big luggage through the streets of Manhattan during sidewalk/subway rush hour in the pouring rain, pisses the locals off. What a nightmare. And to think we might have had Gentry with us. eeek!!

After learning what the yearly taxes are in New York & Massachusetts, I am never going to complain about the yearly property taxes that I pay on my house in NM again!

Keeping a packed itinerary, keeps you from going insane missing your sweet little baby. I was surprised at how well I did without him.

Road tripping with your husband is a highly underrated belated honeymoon! Having an open itinerary with no booked hotels, traveling across New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, & Maine is a true adventure.

Good friends & family make you feel right at home and like there was never years or miles between you! I learned that instead of trying not to be intrusive on peoples lives while visiting, I will surrender to peoples need to be accommodating & hospitable. Great times! Great times!!

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